Harper McCaughan SAREX Contact

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Support for Harper McCaughan Elementary School
SAREX Contact Provided By

Naval Oceanographic Office

U.S. Treasury

U.S. Customs Service

BellSouth, Inc.

Telephone Pioneers
of America

Northrop Grumman
Data Systems and Services, Inc.


I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the following individuals for making this event and page set happen:

Harper McCaughan Elementary School Faculty, Staff and most of all, Students
Long Beach School District and School Board
Ms. Carolyn Hamilton, Principal, Harper McCaughan Elementary
Ms. Barbara Carruba
Ms. Dominque Perryman
Ms. Cheri Ladner
Ms. Mary Ellen Jones
Mr. A.C. Gibbons, KA5MMA
Mr. Phil Cooley, KC5SPR
Mr. Mike Redd, KB5ZVW


Mr. Randy Becnel, Science Officer, KC5YJI
Mr. Bernie Chimel, Tracking Officer, KK5EW
Mr. Ray Rocker, Computer Systems Lead, WQ5L
Mr. Robert Knesel, Government Interface Lead
Mr. Doug Williams, Public Information Officer


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This Page Set is (C) Copyright, 1997 by Terry Jones, NZ8C. Permission is granted for fair use of the original material as needed to plan and conduct a sucessful SAREX School Contact. The private organizational logos remain the property of the respective organization and no permission is granted to copy or redistribute by any means. All other rights reserved. Nosotros reservando los todos derrechos.

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